Project Engineering Design Assistance
Delta Piping Products Canada Inc., with the assistance of Perma-Pipe Inc. offer front end design assistance to end users and specifying design engineers. We can provide stress calculations, thermal heat loss data, AutoCad details, and product specifications in electronic format.

Field Technical Assistance
Delta Piping Products Canada Inc., provide Field Technical Assistance (FTA) with all of our pre-insulated piping products. FTA is provided to insure that the installing contractor is familiar with the written installation instructions and that he is comfortable with all aspects of the installation.

Inspection Services
Delta Piping Products Canada Inc., through Perma-Pipe Inc. offer specialized inspection services of buried insulated piping runs. This service is directed toward any business or organization that owns and operates district heating systems, buried pipe distribution systems, buried condenser water systems, buried containment pipe, firewater lines, buried oil pipes or any buried utility that could form leaks.

Buried thermal distribution systems must be maintained in a dry condition to be efficient. Perma-Pipe Inspection Services specializes in identifying wet sections of pipe, pipe leaks, and other anomalies that affect not only the thermal efficiency, but also the life of the system, by identifying wet systems. Early detection of wet systems, pipe leaks, and other conditions that affect the thermal efficiency, allows for planned maintenance to correct the problems.

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