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Delta Piping Products Canada Inc. are the Canadian representatives for Perma-Pipe Inc./ Ricwil Piping Systems and Advance Products and Systems Inc.

Delta Piping Products, Perma-Pipe, Ricwil

Advance Products and Systems Inc. Manufacture Innerlynx moulded rubber pipe / wall mechanical seals (link seals), wall sleeves, isolation flange gasket kits, casing insulators and end seals, flange protectors, U-Bolt Cote, Radolid protection caps, Safety Spray Shields, and Forman Night Cap etc.

PERMA-PIPE Inc.. is the largest manufacturer of pre-insulated piping systems in North America. We sell our products to a broad customer base, including industrial chemical and petroleum producers, district heating and cooling, airports, governmental agencies, and institutions such as housing projects, universities, and prisons.

In September 1994, PERMA-PIPE acquired Ricwil Piping Systems. Ricwil manufactured district heating and cooling systems and heat traced piping systems and has been known as a brand-name leader in the pre-insulated piping industry for more than 85 years. The acquisition merged years of design expertise and proven products to meet our customer's needs. Perma-Pipe thermal distribution systems are an efficient and effective way to distribute energy for heating, cooling and process loads. In use for many years, these systems have proven to be efficient, long lasting and environmentally safe. Energy sources used with thermal distribution systems include cogeneration plants, geothermal wells, refuse incineration and waste heat from electric power generation.

The industrial environmental marketplace is served by offering process piping, secondary contained piping, and leak detection/location systems through PERMA-PIPE / RICWIL industrial and environmental product group. Process and secondary containment piping are an important products for chemical plants, jet fuel systems, nuclear facilities and the food and beverage industries. Leak detection can be placed inside any of the secondary-contained piping products to detect and locate leaks in the piping system. Other leak detection applications such as subfloors in clean rooms, computer rooms and semiconductor facilities benefit from this cable based technology for leak location in sensitive areas.

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